How Do You Become a Homeopathic Doctor?

How Do You Become a Homeopathic Doctor?

To become a homeopathic doctor, earn a bachelor's degree in any field, clear the Medical College Admission Test, obtain a medical degree or diploma from a medical school, fulfill the internship or residency requirements and obtain license after passing US Medical Licensing Examination. Become certified, and finally start practicing.

A bachelor's degree in any subject is a prerequisite for enrolling into medical schools. The degree must be completed with a given GPA and with the completion of certain courses. To gain admission into a medical school, clearing the Medical College Admission Test is necessary.

Once this test is cleared, choose a good medical school to obtain a medical degree or diploma. This course usually lasts for a minimum period of four years. However, some courses may last up to eight years, as they also encompass internship and residency requirements.

Next, obtain the license to practice homeopathy by passing the US Medical Licensing Examination. License laws vary from state to state. To become a certified homeopath doctor granted by the American Institute of Homeopathy's American Board of Homeotherapeutics, complete a minimum of 150 credit hours of education courses in homeopathy. Also, gain experience by treating 10 chronic cases at least two months prior to the certification exam.

Additionally, develop computer skills and develop critical thinking skills and good listening abilities.