How Do You Become a High School Teacher?

How Do You Become a High School Teacher?

How Do You Become a High School Teacher?

High school teachers must obtain a bachelor's degree and successfully complete either a master's degree program or a teacher certificate program. After satisfying educational requirements, aspiring high school teachers must pass state certification.

  1. Graduate from a bachelor's degree program

    Obtain a bachelor's degree with a major in a specific subject. For example, aspiring high school chemistry teachers should major in chemistry. Based on state requirements, general education major's may be acceptable.

  2. Enroll in a teacher preparation program

    Teacher preparation programs are often delivered alongside a bachelor's degree program, and include theoretical and hands-on training modules. These programs sharpen teaching-specific skills, such as working with students and how to present information based on grade level.

  3. Obtain further education

    Earning a master's degree is required by some states while other states only require completion of a teaching certificate program. Review training requirements by contacting your State Board of Education.

  4. Complete certification and/or licensing examinations

    All states require high school teachers to obtain state-sponsored certification or licensing. Private high school teachers do not require state certification as private institutions operate outside of state requirements. Certification levels vary. For example, some states require two certifications, one to demonstrate general teaching abilities and one to demonstrate subject-specific knowledge. Contact your State Board of Education to learn full certification requirements.