How Do You Become a High School Accounting Teacher?

Although there are multiple paths for becoming a high school accounting teacher, the most straightforward one includes earning a bachelor's or master's degree, completing a teacher preparation program, and fulfilling the credit or practice requirements for an endorsement in accounting. The exact steps and their order can vary greatly between states and even school districts, so speak with a college academic adviser to determine what your state requires.

Teachers who want to teach high school accounting might have difficulty finding opportunities, as not all high schools offer accounting as a stand-alone class. Even those that do probably do not have multiple periods of it in a given day. People are most likely to find work teaching accounting if they are also qualified to teach business, economics, or similar subject areas.

Accounting teacher candidates would most likely complete a bachelor of business degree and then pursue a master's in teaching through a program that includes teacher preparation and certification. It would also be possible for prospective teachers to earn a BA in teaching, an MBA in accounting, and certification through a teacher education program. In some cases, teachers do not need to earn endorsements in the subjects they teach but are considered qualified based on their experience in the subject.