How Do You Become a Hedge Fund Manager?

To become a hedge fund manager, a degree in finance or a related field and working for a hedge fund as an intern or employee are essential. Developing relationships and identifying mentors, writing unique value propositions and applying for hedge fund jobs regularly are other things that help.

  1. Get familiar with the hedge fund industry
  2. Study the hedge fund industry thoroughly by reading the essential literature, subscribing to free hedge fund newsletters or joining local hedge fund clubs or associations.
  3. Apply for a hedge fund internship
  4.  It is not possible to become a hedge fund manager directly, so start with an internship or a part-time job and work up to get hired on a full-time basis. Examples of jobs that may help to become a hedge fund manager in the future include analyst or trader for a hedge fund.
  5. Develop relationships with future peers
  6. Relationships are vital in the investment sector, so build up relationships with future peers as soon as possible. Identify a mentor if possible by showing a pro-learning attitude and commitment.
  7. Develop a unique business plan
  8. A good business plan is essential for starting out as a hedge fund manager. Consider the source of the money for starting a hedge fund, and develop a presentation to impress future investors.