How Do You Become a Health Care Administrator?

How Do You Become a Health Care Administrator?

To become a healthcare administrator, obtain information, complete an undergraduate degree, enter a graduate program, obtain a license and seek employment. A healthcare administrator is usually responsible for management of entire healthcare facilities including hospitals and clinics, notes MBA Healthcare Management.

Most healthcare administrators have some knowledge of business and medical management, states MBA Healthcare Management. Follow the steps below to become a healthcare administrator.

  1. Gather more information
  2. Talk to people who are already in the healthcare administration profession to get a feel of what is required for the position. Use online resources to learn about the outlook and career growth opportunities for healthcare administration.

  3. Complete healthcare administration studies
  4. Join an undergraduate program to obtain a bachelor's degree. Take courses related to financial management, healthcare and business. After successful completion of the undergraduate program, join a university to acquire a master's degree in healthcare administration.

  5. Get a license
  6. Consult government officials in the health department to find out about the basic requirements for being licensed. Make a formal application for a license and wait for a response from relevant authorities.

  7. Find a job
  8. Use online resources and personal networks to seek out job opportunities. Create a resume and submit applications for consideration.