How Do You Become a Great Leader?


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A person can become a great leader by encouraging creativity in his team, being passionate about the team's goals and being a role model to the team. A great leader must acknowledge his individual successes and those of his team to build confidence and motivate the team.

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A great leader should be quick in complimenting people for doing great work but slow in criticizing people. He must always think outside the box to find unique solutions to problems. He should focus on getting the required results and reward his employees for being creative. A great leader can relate with his team on a personal level by understanding his team's personal motivations. He hires those who show potential and passion, but fires people who demonstrate negligence in their duties.

Finding a mentor within the organization is a sure way for a leader to improve his leadership skills. Such a mentor can advise the individual on how best to navigate the office politics within a particular organization. Feedback from such a mentor can be invaluable to his career.

A great leader will empower his team by allowing them to participate in the decision-making process. He is typically a great listener as he never interrupts his team during a conversation; he does not believe that his answer is always the best.

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