How Do You Become a Good Waitress?


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Being a good waitress requires product knowledge, paying attention to detail, being able to do multiple tasks at once, building rapport with customers, cash-handling ability and strong problem-solving skills. Socialization skills and treating people with respect are other qualities of good waitresses.

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Waitresses are paid primarily by tips left by restaurant patrons. Customers often pay tips based on the rapport they've built with the server. Building rapport requires making a social connection with the customer, which happens by being friendly or funny, and finding similar points of interest — such as familiarity with a sports team on their shirt. Waitresses are encouraged to introduce themselves by giving guests their names. Any way a waitress can connect with customers can increase her chances of being liked and tipped well.

Competency is also an important asset for waitresses. Managing time well and making sure that customers aren't in need of water, condiments or other items shows good serving skills. If customers aren't happy about an aspect of their dining experience, good waitresses should use the rapport they've built with patrons and solid customer service skills to resolve the issue. Customers should not feel like their complaints have gone unaddressed.

Waitresses can increase their tips by incorporating specific behaviors into their serving style, such as kneeling down at the table to get closer to customers, innocently touching guests on the shoulder or arm, and by agreeing with their food choices.

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