How Do You Become a Good Leader?


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Becoming a good leader entails practice, learning from mistakes, communicating effectively, managing a team and listening to others, according to the New York Daily News. Good leaders maintain eye contact and motivate people. A quality leader must also accept criticism and learn from mistakes.

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Communication is an important practice of a good leader. A speaker must maintain eye contact with audience members to exude confidence. A leader must project confidence, even if that means faking confidence when necessary. Practicing speech in front of others is a good way to get better, and taking a public speaking course can be helpful. Allowing all group members to understand a single vision of a project or idea is a key benefit of communication. A leader must learn how to outline a vision. A person in charge must also understand how people perceive him. For instance, a leader who is viewed as abrasive can work on adjusting his communication skills.

Solid leadership requires giving direction. A manager of any kind must also encourage others in a workplace or team setting. Heaping praise on team members who do good work boosts morale. Team members must feel as though they have a voice within the group. Assigning tasks for individual team members and giving positive feedback when they complete them is an important step.

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