How Do You Become a Golf Caddy?


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Anyone aspiring to become a golf caddy can either become a self-taught caddy or take a certification course. Both tracks require that an individual have thorough knowledge of golf equipment, courses, rules and etiquette.

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A person who embarks upon the self-taught route must learn everything he can about the game of golf. A good place to start is by volunteering to carry a golfer's clubs around the course for 18 holes. This gives a prospective caddy an idea of the physical demands of the job and what it's like to deal with the personality of a golfer for several hours. Learning the rules and etiquette comes next, followed by learning about the various clubs, balls and other equipment. Finally, the prospective caddy should learn as much about the particular course where he plans to work. Local country and golf clubs are good places to start.

Pursuing certification through the Professional Caddies Association is another route. Like the self-taught route, certification requires a learning stage, which includes lessons on the history of golf, an introduction to caddying, the rules of golf, health and nutrition, and golf terms. This stage is followed by a test for certification. Certified caddies then have their name entered into a database for potential jobs.

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