How Do You Become a Game Warden?

How Do You Become a Game Warden?

How Do You Become a Game Warden?

The process to become a fish and game warden varies in every state. The basic steps include meeting the specific state's requirements, passing a physical abilities test, and passing a series of tests that could include a background check, a medical check and a psychological exam.

  1. Meet the requirements

    The specific requirements vary for every state, but an applicant must meet the requirements to become a game warden. For an example, the requirements for Texas include being at least 21 years old, having a bachelor's degree, being a U.S. citizen, and having a driver's license.

  2. Fill out an application

    Applications are available at each state's Fish and Game Warden website. In California, the application includes passing a physical abilities test and a background check. The physical abilities tests is designed to test endurance, strength and flexibility. Some of the things that may be tested include arm and leg strength, the ability to swim 100 yards and aerobic capacity.

  3. Pass the tests

    In California and Texas applicants are also required to pass a series of other tests beside the physical abilities test. This includes a medical evaluation and a psychological evaluation. In Texas, game wardens must have 20/30 vision or better, and applicants have to pass a hearing test as well.