How Do You Become a Funeral Director?

How Do You Become a Funeral Director?

To become a funeral director, get at least an associate degree in funeral service education or mortuary science, and undergo an apprenticeship of one to three years. You must also pass national board testing or state testing.

  1. Obtain the necessary education

    Start by taking biology, chemistry, business and public-speaking classes in high school. Also work at funeral homes part time or during the summer. Obtain either an associate or bachelor's degree in funeral service education or mortuary science. Classes include study in grief counseling, funeral service, business law and embalming.

  2. Perform an apprenticeship

    Do your apprenticeship before, during or after your formal postsecondary education. These apprenticeships give comprehensive hands-on experience and range in length from one to three years. They must be supervised by a licensed funeral director.

  3. Check state requirements

    Look at the requirements of your state. Most employers mandate that funeral director applicants be at least 21 years old and have finished their education and apprenticeships. They must also have passed state exams for licensure. You may also need to pass the national board exam.

  4. Obtain training in office management

    Take classes in office management if you plan to run your own funeral home. Also contact funeral directors who own their businesses for tips and advice.