How Do You Become a Freelance Writer?


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No set path to becoming a freelance writer exists, but the first things to do are finding your niche and building a body of work to use as a portfolio, then pitching articles to clients. Guest posting on blogs and having your own blog are also helpful.

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  1. Find your niche

    Brainstorm subjects you want to write about. Your niche is an area of knowledge or interest that you feel confident writing about. It doesn't have to be a career choice; it can be any subject you are passionate about.

  2. Determine your market and learn the writing skills for it

    Writing for print publications may be more prestigious and can potentially pay more per piece. However, it can take much longer for your work to get accepted and published. Writing for websites tends toward shorter turnaround times, but pay is lower per piece except on extremely specialized sites.

  3. Create a portfolio

    The Internet is an excellent resource for aspiring freelancers to create a portfolio. Whether you want to start with a free website or have your own domain is a matter of personal taste. If you don't have a body of work, write a few articles on the subject or subjects of your choice. Make them the best writing possible; your portfolio is the proof of your skills.

  4. Search for and pitch to clients

    Scour the Web or look through publications such as Writer's Market to get an idea of where paying clients are. Get a feel for content the clients need, and come up with an idea for an article. Write this idea in an email, explain who you are and provide a link to your portfolio. Await a response or follow-up.

  5. Write the piece if accepted and submit it

    Adhere to the agreed-upon deadline and await payment. Continue searching for clients in the meantime.

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