How Do You Become a Football Coach?


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To become a football coach, gather experience and knowledge about the game and acquire a bachelor's degree in education. A career as a football coach requires time and commitment. Inquire about coaching positions around your area.

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  1. Play football

    Coaching football requires game knowledge. Play football at any level to experience the game. Football experience is important in order to understand a player's mindset and the depth of the game.

  2. Learn the game

    Study the nuances of the game, the standard plays and the game's rules. Read playbooks, mechanics, formations and all the fundamentals of the game.

  3. Become a teacher

    To get hired as a football coach, most coaches have to teach in high school. Obtain teaching credentials, such as a bachelor's degree in education, or through an alternative certification program.

  4. Free up your time

    A football coaching job is a full time position that requires 30 to 40 hours a week. At the college or professional level, coaches work up to 100 hours a week. Free up your schedule so that you are easily available, as a football coach must commit to attending practice and the game every week.

  5. Find an open position

    Inquire at local high schools and youth football leagues for open positions. Apply for teaching positions and volunteer as a football coach. Alternatively, ask football coaches in your area, and volunteer to become an assistant coach.

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