How Do You Become a Florist?


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To become a florist, get a high school diploma, take a post-secondary program in floral design and obtain on-the-job training with an experienced florist. Some colleges also offer associate's and bachelor's degrees in floral design.

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After earning a high school diploma, prospective florists usually pursue a course in floral design. This is usually at a post-secondary school. There is also the option of training through vocational colleges, community colleges and private floral design schools. Florists who are interested in advanced design concepts can pursue an associate's or bachelor's degree. Most courses cover different plant types, floral design concepts, greenhouse work and basic business management.

Most florists engage in training by working with an experienced florist. Someone who is looking for work experience may wish to try getting a job as a cashier or retail assistant at a florist shop. Although obtaining certification is optional, it is a good way for florists to demonstrate their skill and commitment. The American Institute of Floral Design offers a certified training program, which is recognized nationwide. To complete this certificate, florists must demonstrate that they have engaged in academic and on-the-job training. Advanced training is necessary for chief floral designers or supervisors.

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