How Do You Become a Flight Attendant in Canada?

become-flight-attendant-canada Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

The requirements and process to become a flight attendant in Canada can vary based on the airline, but most require completion of a flight attendant training course and a high school diploma or equivalent. Airlines may also require proof that the individual is a citizen of Canada.

Additional requirements can include the completion of a medical evaluation to screen for any potential health hazards and the ability to obtain the security clearance offered by Transport Canada. Individuals should also be ready to discuss any criminal records, including traffic violations. Airlines might also require flight attendants to hold a valid Canadian passport. While it may not be a requirement of all airlines, the ability to speak multiple languages is also a plus, especially the ability to speak both English and French fluently.

Airlines in Canada such as Air Canada may also require that flight attendants be well groomed and display approachable customer service skills throughout flights. They might also require flight attendants to study and understand the Flight Attendant Safety Manual that published by Transport Canada. This manual includes all performance, health and safety requirements for flight attendants.

Some companies such as Air Canada do offer flight attendant training programs. However, there are schools throughout Canada, such as Inflight Institute, that also offer training.