How Do You Become a Flight Attendant?

How Do You Become a Flight Attendant?

Becoming a flight attendant starts with gaining a college degree in a related area. The next step is being hired by an airline and entering a formal training program. Flight attendants must meet minimum height requirements, which vary between airlines, and have weights that are proportional to their heights.

  1. Get in shape

    Flight attendants need to be in good shape to be able to stand for long periods with limited breaks. You also need to keep your weight at a level that is proportional to your height. Airlines want to limit the amount of weight carried in each plane so they avoid hiring flight attendants who do not meet weight requirements.

  2. Earn a college degree

    Although some airlines occasionally hire attendant candidates with just a high school diploma, a degree in a related area boosts your chance of acceptance. Consider tourism, public relations, hospitality or communications to prepare you for flight attendant training.

  3. Obtain a passport

    All airlines require their flight attendants to have passports. Obtain yours before applying for positions.

  4. Fill out applications

    Airlines hire flight attendants before training them. Fill out applications with several airlines to increase your chances of an acceptance.

  5. Complete the airline's training course

    Complete the training course provided by the airline that hires you. Classroom training takes three to six weeks and is followed by a period of in-flight training. After your instructors find you proficient, you'll gain an FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency and be ready to start working on flights.