How Do You Become a Fire Fighter?

To become a firefighter, volunteer for any openings at a local fire station, and introduce yourself to the firefighting community. Acquire CPR training and a Fire Science degree from an academy or college. Pass the background check, written tests, oral exams, physical fitness test and health examination to complete the process.

  1. Volunteer at a local fire station

    Search for any openings for volunteer positions at a local fire station. Volunteering allows you to introduce yourself to the firefighting community and gain valuable contacts in the field.

  2. Get fit

    Exercise on a regular basis, and maintain a balanced diet. Firefighting requires strenuous physical activity and long working hours. In addition, firefighters take a physical fitness and agility test prior to employment.

  3. Receive CPR certification

    Complete a CPR class at the American Red Cross or any certified CPR training agency.

  4. Acquire a Fire Science degree

    Complete a Fire Science degree program at a post-secondary school. Learn how to extinguish fires, evacuate buildings, maintain firefighting equipment and operate emergency vehicles.

  5. Take an oral and written exam

    Take the oral exam, which includes questions about short- and long-term goals, expectations as a firefighter and reasons for choosing the specific agency or department. Pass a written exam that consists of math, human relations, problem-solving, oral and written communications, and memory and reasoning questions.

  6. Pass physical and health tests

    Pass a standard physical exam that involves testing eyesight, blood pressure, hearing, blood and urine. Firefighters are drug-free with 20/20 vision. Take a physical aptitude exam and a psychological exam that tests for specific personality traits.

  7. Take a background check before applying for jobs

    Meet the background check requirements, such as having a clean criminal record and a high school diploma. Then, apply for jobs at local fire stations or at other firefighting agencies and organizations.