How Do You Become a Financial Planner?


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Financial planning professionals begin their careers by obtaining a bachelor's degree that includes coursework in finance and basic accounting principles. Obtaining a job position in financial planning may require networking and gaining work experience in an entry-level job. Becoming a certified financial planner also helps.

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Those interested in a financial planning career can set their sights on working as a financial advisor, financial consultant or broker. It is important to have a solid understanding of money management and investment. Some financial planners choose to consult private clients about personal money management and budgeting. Therefore, developing good communication skills is a plus. Most of all, a financial planner should have an excellent grasp of the mathematics involved in finance and strong analytical skills. These skills come in handy when it is necessary to interpret financial markets and explain which investments are desirable.

Some financial planners work for businesses and help companies plan and reach its financial objectives. Others work as stockbrokers for financial firms that provide professional consulting services. After receiving formal training, it is possible for an aspiring financial planner to network and find an entry-level position with a self-employed financial planner or a financial planning company. Career options are boosted by passing a certification exam offered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

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