How Do You Become a Financial Advisor?


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In order to become a financial advisor, obtain a bachelor’s degree. Conduct extensive networking in order to find an established practitioner willing to train an apprentice. Attract the sponsorship of a registered firm, and pass the Series 7 securities exam.

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  1. Get an education

    Focus on business coursework throughout your college career. A degree in finance, accounting or economics is helpful but not required. An MBA or law degree can help you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

  2. Network to find a mentor

    Network with professionals in your field to find an established professional that is seeking help in serving his clients. To widen your options when getting started, be open to taking a role in a firm that does not require licensing. However, express your desire to become a financial advisor immediately when accepting a non-licensed role.

  3. Take and pass the Series 7 exam

    Study diligently, and sit for the Series 7 exam. Take advantage of a variety of study aids and pre-test classes available to increase your chances of a passing grade. Once you pass the exam, the state you live in or the firm you work for may require you to obtain additional credentials before offering advice to clients.

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