How Do You Become an FHM Model?

How Do You Become an FHM Model?

To model for FHM, send the magazine's editorial team a photo and any important personal details. The magazine's editors choose the models they want to feature.

The editors at FHM magazine are responsible for selecting the models featured in the magazine. Women who want to be featured in the magazine can apply using the following steps.

  1. Choose some photos.
  2. Prospective models who are over 18 should email one or more photos to the editorial team. They must own the copyrights to the photos they send in. Editors generally favor models that have a natural look.

  3. Include personal details.
  4. The editors of FHM request prospective models to send personal details along with their photos. These include name, age, occupation, location, contact information and bra size.

  5. Wait for the editors to get in contact.
  6. Editors usually only get in contact with the models they choose to feature. The editorial team requests that prospective models only send photos in once, so resist the temptation to re-send the application.

The editorial team invites chosen models for photo shoots. They send the invitation via email to the address that the prospective model used to send the photos.

Prospective models should be wary of people claiming to work for or represent FHM. They can contact the magazine to verify anyone who claims to be an editor or employee.