How Do You Become an FBI Agent?

To become an FBI special agent, make sure you meet all requirements, apply online, then pass several tests, a background check and a medical examination. A candidate who passes all phases is scheduled for classes at the FBI Academy.

  1. Meet the qualification requirements

    A prospective FBI special agent must be a U.S. citizen, hold a valid driver's license and be between 23 and 37 years old. Additionally, a candidate must have a four-year degree and three years of professional work experience.

  2. Apply online

    Prospective FBI special agents must apply online at the government's FBI website. Applying in person is possible at an FBI field office that covers the candidate's home, school or job location.

  3. Pass the written tests

    The candidate is given an initial written test, and if she passes it, the candidate is given a writing test and an in-person interview. If the candidate passes all the tests and the FBI needs the candidate's critical skills, the candidate is given a Conditional Letter of Appointment.

  4. Pass the physical fitness test

    Candidates with Conditional Letters of Appointment must pass the physical fitness test. If they fail the test, they are subject to a waiting period before they can retest.

  5. Pass the FBI background check

    The candidate is subjected to a full background check that includes credit and arrest checks, a polygraph examination and interviews with friends, employers and acquaintances.

  6. Pass a medical examination

    The candidate must pass a full medical examination that determines whether he is physically capable of performing his job. This exam includes past medical history, an eye exam and a hearing test.