How Do You Become a Fashion Buyer?

How Do You Become a Fashion Buyer?

How Do You Become a Fashion Buyer?

Earning a bachelor's degree in business, finance, communications, marketing or a related field is the first step towards becoming a fashion buyer. Working in a retail store, fashion design studio, entry level sales or administration position allows for a deeper understanding of past and present fashion trends.

  1. Gain knowledge of the retail industry

    Study fashion and industry trade magazines, and attend fashion design or marketing seminars to learn how the retail and fashion industries operate. Retailers expect fashion buyers to have a thorough understanding of the fashion industry and retail trends.

  2. Learn how to analyze marketing and business reports

    Read through marketing and business reports created by retailers, fashion design studios and other companies in the retail industry. These reports include emerging trends, revenue information and consumer responses to trends. This information is necessary to predict which clothing and accessories should be sold in retail stores.

  3. Network with other fashion buyers

    Attend trade shows, fashion shows, conferences and other events to meet professional fashion buyers. Ask about employment opportunities to learn more about the experience and skills required.

  4. Apply for entry-level fashion buyer positions

    Submit resumes with background information and experiences in retail and the fashion industry. Once hired, enroll in an executive training program to learn the skills required to work as a fashion buyer for a specific company.