How Do You Become Famous?


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There are several ways to become famous including being the best or worst at something, being the first to do something or doing something most people would not do. Winning the lottery is also a way to become famous.

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The book series "Guinness World Records" provides many ideas of records that have been set and yet can be broken again by someone else. Becoming famous by being the best at something make take time and practice, but there are always new records to be set. Sometimes people also become famous by being the worst at doing something such as driving or dancing. William Hung became famous for performing really bad Ricky Martin impersonations.

Being the first to accomplish something can make a person famous. People often remember the first person to accomplish something even though the feat has been repeated. For example, Roger Bannister was the first man to run the four minute mile and he is well remembered for that even though several other people have since surpassed the accomplishment.

Doing something generous that most others would not do may bring fame. Sometimes people become famous for supporting an important cause and raising awareness for it.

Becoming famous may also happen simply as a matter of luck. Winning the lottery, especially when a large sum of money is involved, is a way that some people become famous. Some lottery winners, such as Sheelah Ryan, became famous for doing generous things with the money won.

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