How Do I Become a Family Support Worker?


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To become a family support worker, you need to have training and qualifications that show your ability and competence for the work. You need to train in either psychology or counseling. You may alternatively gain experience by working with children and families. You should specialize in a given field, for example, counseling or psychology.

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How Do I Become a Family Support Worker?
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  1. Undergo professional training

    To become a family support worker, you need to train in the fields related to family support and child care. A degree in any of these fields makes it easier for a family support worker to assist successfully and counsel the members of the community in need. Professionals with proper training get first consideration when it comes to employment.

  2. Specialize in a given field

    If you want to counsel and assist individuals dealing with alcoholism, specialize in one section, such as substance abuse counseling. If you are concerned with working with children, consider taking courses in fields such as child psychology and child development. A good family support worker who specializes in a given field is more competent than those who lack specialization.

  3. Choose a working environment

    Decide which environment in which you wish to work. Such environments include social service centers or in home groups. They assist people with problems at home or those required to seek counseling by courts of law. Others help those with mental and physical disabilities adapt to life in different environments.

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