How Do You Become an Esthetician Online?


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An online training program to become an esthetician involves completing a combination of campus-based and online theory courses to obtain a certificate. Online esthetician courses focus on topics such as diseases, body systems, business, law and sanitation. These courses are taken prior to obtaining hands-on practice within a clinic or salon.

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Because of the hands-on training required to become an esthetician, it is not possible to become a licensed esthetician by completing online training only. On average, 600 hours of study are required to complete the online portion of an esthetician training program, although hours of study can range from 250 to 1,200. An online training program utilizes online management systems and virtual communication tools, such as online lectures, that students can access at any time. Suitable computer hardware, software and Internet speed are requirements for accessing online learning tools.

The qualifications to become a licensed esthetician vary by state. To qualify for a mandatory state licensing exam, most estheticians must complete a degree or certificate program and training hours. A licensing exam consists of sections on skin care theory and practical applications. To maintain licensing, some states require the completion of annual continuing education courses. Online training programs in specialized topics, such as physiology, anatomy, massage techniques and spa management skills, may allow licensed estheticians to meet continuing education requirements.

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