How Do You Become Epic Certified?


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To become Epic certified, choose a module, work at a hospital while undergoing training and complete at least one Epic project. Epic Systems refers to a type of electronic records system mainly used in large hospitals.

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Begin by choosing an Epic module to become certified in. Popular modules include the Epic Willow and the Ambulatory module. It is a good idea to browse the Epic catalog detailing all the certifications before selecting a module.

Next, find a sponsor. The Epic software company does not accept self-sponsorship. This means working at a hospital that is in the midst of, or is just beginning to implement, the electronic records system. The hospital may either pay all or part of the training costs, which is undertaken at the Epic headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin.

Part of the program requires candidates to complete at least one Epic project, usually at their places of employment. The length of the certification program depends on availability, module and skill level, and can take up to a year.

Candidates may be required to undergo new-version training after certification. The re-certification ensures that employees are up-to-date with software implementation. It is possible to certify in more than one Epic module. Epic-certified employees may also be required to complete the sponsor hospital?s Epic implementation process, depending on the terms of their contracts.

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