How Do You Become an Editor?

How Do You Become an Editor?

Those interested in becoming editors typically earn bachelor's degrees or advanced degrees in English, journalism, communications or other creative fields. Many editors complete college internships and then find employment as proofreaders, copy editors or staff writers to advance.

  1. Enroll in a bachelor's degree program

    Select a degree program that includes courses in feature writing, Web writing, creative writing, business writing, graphic design, communications and journalism to improve writing and research skills. Courses in Web design, multimedia production and electronic publishing may help editors find more employment opportunities.

  2. Find additional writing and editing opportunities

    Join the college newspaper, yearbook or local magazine or newspaper staff to gain hands-on experience in writing and editing articles, ads and other copy. Join writing groups, participate in writing conferences, complete an internship or volunteer to write and edit for non-profit organizations to network with other writers and editors.

  3. Apply for editing positions

    Submit your application for positions in the editing field. Compile writing and editing projects into a portfolio to show potential employers. Many employers expect editors to write and edit both print and Web content. The ability to guide writers through the writing and revision process, lead a team and develop new and interesting story ideas are other qualities employers look for in editors.

  4. Apply for senior editing positions

    To advance, seek out editing positions with increased responsibility, such as editing large sections of a magazine or newspaper, managing a large team of writers and editors or starting a publication.