How Do You Become a Driving School Instructor?


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To become a driving school instructor, most states require you to complete an instructor training program and take an exam to earn the instructor license. Before taking the exam, you must obtain the driving license for the class of vehicles you want to teach. You should also have some driving experience.

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To become a driving school instructor, you must first obtain a driving license for the type of vehicle you want to teach. Therefore, if you want to teach students how to drive a truck or a trailer, you need to obtain a driving license for these vehicles first.

Different states have different regulations on the number of years of experience a driver needs before he applies as a driving school instructor. In some situations, personal driving experience is sufficient to become an instructor. However, if you want to teach commercial truck driving, you need to work for a few years as a commercial truck driver. A tip to ensure success is to maintain a clean driving and criminal record, as many states run background and criminal checks on prospective instructors before giving them licenses.

Complete the instructor training program before getting a driving instructor license. The program covers teaching techniques, traffic safety and operation of motor vehicles.

To earn the driving instructor license, most states require you to take a practical and written exam. The written exam tests your knowledge of traffic laws. The practical exam tests your ability to provide your students with clear driving instructions. To keep your driving instructor license, maintain a clean criminal and driving record.

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