How Do You Become a Doula?

How Do You Become a Doula?

Become a doula by learning about the process and finding clients. Additional steps, such as getting trained and certified, are not required, but they can help when it is time to find clients.

  1. Understand the requirements

    Take the time to learn about the requirements of being a doula, which includes long hours and late nights while helping women through deliveries.

  2. Find training

    Locate training classes through organizations, such as DONA International, the International Childbirth Education Association, Lamaze International, and The Organization of Labor Assistants for Options and Resources. While not required, training classes might give you additional ideas on how to assist and support a woman through labor.

  3. Get certified

    Take a certification exam. Even though certification is not required, it can help give you clout when looking for clients. Moreover, certification offers a level of reassurance, as you have a national organization vouching for your skills and expertise.

  4. Seek out clients

    Finding clients requires effort, especially since not all insurance companies cover the costs of hiring a doula. Some potential clients may not be able to afford the extra support or know what kind of extra support a doula is capable of providing.

  5. Join a group or organization

    Look for groups that are closely aligned with your philosophies and values. Being part of an organization or group can provide you with opportunities to give and receive emotional and professional support from other doulas.