How Do You Become a Distributor?


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Becoming a distributor is not for the faint of heart and requires knowledge of sales and finance, as well as sharp business and management skills. Product distributors essentially serve as the force that moves the product from manufacturer to the market. It can be a lucrative as well as flexible career.

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Becoming a distributor requires several steps.

  1. Decide on a product
  2. Before making any big moves, decide on a product to distribute and conduct thorough research. Focus on both the product itself as well as the manufacturers who are a possible, potential market. If storing the product independently, allow for space to accommodate the merchandise and acquire a distributor title as well as legal ownership of the product to be sold.
  3. Contact manufacturers
  4. Once you have targeted a few manufacturers, begin contacting them by phone to inquire about becoming a distributor for them. Check their websites to see if it's possible to sign up to be a distributor online.
  5. Read the contract
Before distributing for a manufacturer, take note of your responsibilities and your position in their supply chain. Be mindful of the pricing agreement, to ensure it is profitable deal after the operation costs are paid for. When comfortable with the manufacturer and the agreement, simply sign the contract and begin a career as a distributor. Learn more about Career Aspirations

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