How Do You Become a Dietician?


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Dieticians must complete a bachelor's degree in clinical nutrition, dietetics or related discipline. Dieticians typically complete an internship or cooperative program with a hospital or other health facility to gain hands-on experience while in school or shortly after graduating.

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  1. Earn a bachelor's degree in food science or nutrition

    Choose a bachelor's degree program that provides both education and internship options to gain knowledge and experience in working with clients and patients. Coursework in food science or clinical nutrition degree programs include biology, nutrition, food service management, psychology and chemistry.

  2. Earn a dietician's license

    Contact state health and safety commissions to determine the requirements necessary to apply for a dietician's license. In most states, dieticians must have a bachelor's degree, complete an internship and pass a written exam.

  3. Find employment as a dietician

    Apply for dietician positions in hospitals, local or state health agencies, weight-loss and management clinics or long-term care facilities.

  4. Earn an advanced degree in food science or clinical nutrition

    Earn an advanced degree to qualify for supervisory and management positions, open a clinic or start a weight-loss and management business. Advanced degrees provide additional food science, clinical nutrition and food service management courses needed to remain knowledgeable about current dietician practices and methods.

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