How Do You Become a Diabetes Nurse Educator?

To become a diabetes nurse educator, complete a bachelor's degree in nursing, obtain a nursing license, and acquire the necessary work experience, including a minimum of two years of relevant experience, 1,000 hours of diabetes education experience and 15 hours of diabetes-related continuing education, recommends The National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators administers the certification examination.

Registered nurses, doctors, dietitians, physical therapists and other health care professionals are eligible to become diabetes educators when they obtain the necessary certification or licensing in their respective fields, notes While a bachelor's degree in a health care field is the minimum required education, many employers prefer professionals with graduate degrees.

After completing the requirements set by the NCBDE, qualifying individuals may take the certification test to acquire the Certified Diabetes Educator title, according to Diabetes educators renew their certification after five years by retaking the exam or pursuing continuing education.

The job of diabetes educators involves counseling diabetics regarding proper treatment methods and lifestyle changes that include taking the correct medication dosages, keeping track of sugar levels, starting an exercise regimen and maintaining a balanced diet, explains Additionally, they create personalized diabetes management plans, monitor the progress of patients through follow-up sessions and refer patients to other health care providers if necessary. They also produce educational materials and contribute to the improvement of diabetes education programs.