How Do You Become a Dermatologist?

How Do You Become a Dermatologist?

To become a dermatologist, take pre-medical courses in college, obtain a college degree, enter medical school, complete a residency program, and pass a board certified exam to become fully licensed. A total of 12 years of training and education is required to become a dermatologist.

  1. Take college courses

    Earn a Bachelor of Science degree covering such areas as physics, organic chemistry and chemistry. Take courses in anatomy and medical terminology, if available, and take biochemistry or math courses if this is a requirement. Earn high marks to remain competitive for medical school. Take the Medical College Admissions Test to gain acceptance from a medical institution.

  2. Earn a medical degree

    Obtain a doctorate degree in osteopathic medicine or medicine. Take other classes such as physiology, anatomy and pharmacology. Take clinical rotations and electives as additional measures, and earn consistent high grades through medical school. Take the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam to qualify for a dermatology residency program, and score a high average.

  3. Receive training

    Spend your first year of training as a medical intern practicing general medicine, internal medicine or surgery. Proceed with the remaining three years in dermatology. Pass a board certified exam after completing a training program. Spend an additional year studying pediatric dermatology or dermatopathology through a fellowship program as an additional option.