How Do You Become a Court Reporter?

How Do You Become a Court Reporter?

How Do You Become a Court Reporter?

To become a court reporter, obtain a high school diploma, learn licensing requirements, complete court reporter courses, and pass the state license exam. Some states, however, do not require court reporters to be licensed.

  1. Complete high school

    Get a high school diploma or GED. Attend seminars related to court reporting to get a sense of the job.

  2. Find out about licensing requirements

    Obtain information about licensing requirements in your state. Contact the agency responsible for licensing court reporters in your state. Some states require you to complete a course in court reporting school to be eligible to take the licensing exam. You may be exempt if you have qualified work experience or a license from a different state.

  3. Determine the necessary qualifications

    For states that do not require licensing for court reporters, contact a court reporters association. Ask about the qualifications needed to become a court reporter. Private freelance companies are an alternative source for finding this information.

  4. Complete court reporter education

    Enroll in a trade school or junior college, and take court reporter courses. Certification or an associate’s degree in court reporting improves your chances of becoming a court reporter.

  5. Pass the sate license exam

    Take and pass the license or certification exam required for court reporters in your state. Obtain a license, and apply for work as a court reporter.