How Do You Become a Courier Driver?


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To become a courier driver, you must meet the requirements set forth by the companies for which you're interested in working. Many companies require a minimum age of 18, at least a high school education and a driver's license with a clean driving record. While some companies provide a vehicle for the courier, others require the courier to use his own.

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Some urban courier positions are performed on a bicycle while others require a car. The company's job description or website indicates what type it is. When you're applying for either type of position, your resume should list information such as knowledge of the area, work history with descriptions of any task that required meticulous detail, and any related experience.

Find courier positions by looking up the online job boards for companies known to use couriers or through job posting boards such as Monster or Indeed using keywords such as "courier" and "delivery." Many hospitals and medical centers use couriers everyday to transport documents and medical samples from one lab or hospital to another. Courier positions average an annual salary range between $17,430 and $34,510, as of 2015, depending on the scale of the job and the hours worked. Interview for multiple courier positions to compare the best options, and make the most educated choice before accepting any offer.

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