How Do You Become a County Auditor?


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To become a county auditor, a person must be elected by the individuals in their district. Requirements for running for office vary by county, but basic qualifications include U.S. citizenship, living in the county for a predetermined amount of time and being a registered voter. Candidates endure a thorough background check to ensure they have no existing criminal record that would prevent them from holding a position that requires the handling of money.

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County auditors handle property taxes and prepare the county budget and reports that reflect spending. In some counties, auditors are also responsible for granting both dog and liquor licenses.

While it is not required, many county auditors hold a certified public accountant certificate. Adequate communication skills are required, as the auditor works with both the public and other elected officials. Leadership skills are a must for county auditors, who often oversee other employees in their department.

The path to obtaining the position of county auditor may be easier if the candidate begins her journey by working or volunteering in local government offices. Those who already work in the auditor's office possess key knowledge of what it takes to be the county auditor and, as long as all of the other qualifications are met, possess a distinct advantage over the competition come election day.

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