How Do You Become a Costco Food Demonstrator?

To become a Costco food demonstrator, apply for the job, gather the necessary items, inform a local store about the demonstration and arrive on time to start the work. A food demonstrator engages in in-house marketing of products, notes

Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American membership-only warehouse that deals in the sale of various types of items including food, computers, appliances, jewelry and outdoor living products. To become a food demonstrator for this company, follow the steps below.

  1. Start by researching
  2. Talk to individuals that are already in the business to get a better perspective of what the job entails and how they successfully applied for it. Do more research online to learn how to apply successfully.

  3. Apply for the position
  4. Apply for the position of a product demonstrator for Costco. Other companies that hire independent contractors to work as product demonstrators include Sunflower Staffing and New Concepts in Marketing.

  5. Receive instructions from Costco
  6. The company will review the application and send feedback with instructions on how to prepare and start the work, states Gather all the items as instructed and wait for the day of commencement.

  7. Start the work
  8. A few days prior to the start, be sure to contact the local store assigned and inform them of the demonstration day. On the exact day, go to the store and inform the manager. The manager will assign a strategic spot in the store for performing a sample demonstration.