How Do I Become a Coin Dealer?


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A person can become a coin dealer by studying numismatics, which is the study or the collection of currency. This study offers a broad knowledge of coins, tokens and paper money. It is also essential for someone to understand and keep up with collection trends, get valuable coins certified, keep current records, grade and describe coins, be patient and network with sellers and buyers to become a coin dealer.

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An understanding about the history of numismatics and money is also helpful. One should also have some knowledge of the subfields of the profession, such as exonumia, notaphily and scripophily. Exonumia are monetary items other than coins, and the word also describes the study of token coins and metals and other monetary types that can be replaced for legal currency. Notaphily is the study of paper money, and scripophily is the study and the collection of bonds.

There are three groups of coin collectors or dealers. The first group is coin collectors who collect coins for pleasure. These are amateur collectors. The second group includes professional coin dealers. They are called numismatists. This group may also include coin historians, museum curators and archaeologists. The third group is scholars, or professional numismatists, who work in public collections and universities and with independent contractors. They have extensive knowledge about the economy and monetary systems.

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