How Do You Become a CNA?

How Do You Become a CNA?

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), students must complete a state-approved education and learning program. In addition, students must pass a state nursing assistant competency exam.

  1. Complete a state-approved nursing assistant program

    Contact local colleges and universities, vocational schools, hospital and nursing facilities to find an approved nursing assistant program. Students should learn basic nursing skills, medical terminology and long-term care procedures and may have the opportunity to complete internships to help build confidence and communication skills.

  2. Pass the state nursing assistant competency exam

    Prepare for the state nursing assistant competency exam by reviewing textbooks, course notes and other educational materials. Pass the competency exam to qualify for entrance into the state nurse's registry. Failure to gain entrance into the registry may hinder future employment, as most state's require CNA's to be registered.

  3. Comply with all other CNA state requirements

    Contact state nursing boards to determine if a criminal background check is necessary to gain employment in nursing homes, hospitals and clinics. Additional coursework, state sponsored seminars and workshops, or other continuing education may be necessary to maintain certification.

  4. Maintain CNA certification

    Complete additional college coursework, facility training and CPR certification renewal workshops to maintain CNA certification. Some medical facilities provide on-going training to those who want to earn additional certifications in nursing.