How Do You Become a Clown?


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In order to become a clown in a local circus, create a character with a costume and an act, then apply to one of the shows by contacting the booking agent for the circus. To become a clown who works parties and other gatherings, simply design a character and funny show with makeup and tricks, then advertise online or in the classified ads, notes the Clown Network.

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Clowns are expected to have exaggerated features and have a funny and engaging act, suggests the Ringling Bros. website. Use the following steps to apply to be a clown for Ringling Bros.

  1. Create an admirable and funny character
  2. Before even applying to be a clown, make sure that the act and the costume are well designed and well rehearsed.

  3. Record a video of the act
  4. Make sure to show athletic skills and physical tricks in the video.

  5. Submit the video with a headshot and resume to the Ringling Bros.
  6. Submit all of the required information to the Ringling Bros, then complete Clown College if the application was selected.

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