How Do I Become a Childminder?

How Do I Become a Childminder?

How Do I Become a Childminder?

To become a childminder, you must determine if you need to register with the Office for Standards in Education, and then complete the application process. The application process includes a DBS check and paying the licensing fees.

  1. Determine if you need to register

    You must register with Ofsted as a childminder if you provide care for more than one child under the age of 18 for financial payment, and the child is not related to you. The care may take place in your home or somebody else's home.

  2. Complete a Disclosure and Barring Service check

    You and everybody associated with the application must complete a DBS check. The DBS is a multi-step process that involves verifying your identity and performing a background check. You must pay a fee to complete the DBS check.

  3. Submit the health declaration booklet

    You must fill out and submit the health declaration booklet to Ofsted. The booklet is a summation of your health condition.

  4. Apply as a childminder

    Once the DBS check and health declaration booklet are submitted, you may apply for a childminder license. Create an Ofsted account or log into your current account to complete the childminder application.

  5. Pay the licensing fees

    Pay the licensing fees through Oftsted's online payments platform.

  6. Get approved and begin childminding

    Ofsted takes up to three months to approve childminder applications. If approved, you will receive the license in the mail. Openly display your license before beginning your childminding service.