How Do You Become a Certified Nanny?

Although no standardized process exists to become certified as a professional nanny, many people attend specialized schools that instruct nannies in subjects such as CPR and first aid, nutrition, safety and child development, according to Baby Center. One such school is the American Nanny & Parenting Institute, which includes interactive training in its curriculum. Some people who later become nannies first earn a degree in early childhood education.

To increase the odds of landing a position as a nanny, seek out reputable nanny agencies, which act as employment agencies specializing in finding jobs for nannies. Many states require nanny agencies to be licensed by the state's department of labor. Nanny agencies have certain criteria that must be met by applicants, who are then screened and interviewed by the agency.

A good nanny agency verifies a potential nanny's credentials by contacting references and running a thorough background check, and some agencies also require a physical examination. According to Baby Center, some nanny agencies are members of professional organizations such as the International Nanny Association, which offers a course of study and standardized testing. The International Nanny Association describes itself as offering information and guidance both to the public and childcare professionals.