How Do You Become a Certified Fire Inspector?


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Certification as a fire inspector begins with education. Fire inspector positions require a minimum of a high-school diploma or equivalent, but ideally you should have an undergraduate degree and work experience in a related position like fire fighter or police officer. Certification exams and other requirements vary between certifying organizations.

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Prior to applying for certification, most fire inspectors take special courses in the National Fire Protection Association Standards, fire prevention techniques, state fire codes and technical advancements in the field. For those entering the field who possess the required education and experience, on-the-job training in investigation and inspection is also recommended.

State certification is available in many states and through national organizations offering voluntary certification opportunities. The National Fire Protection Association certifications include Fire Inspector 1, which requires successful completion of a four-hour exam and a practicum, and Fire Inspector 2, which have similar requirements covering a broader range of standards and types of inspections.

The International Association of Arson Investigators also offers certification as a fire investigator. Applicants are scored on education, training and experience prior to being approved to complete a comprehensive examination. The exam requires a 70 percent passing score to qualify for certification. While state requirements for certification vary, as do national certifications, most are based on the National Fire Protection Association Standards.

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