How Do I Become a Celebrity Bodyguard?


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To become a celebrity bodyguard, it's necessary to have a background in military or law enforcement. Bodyguards also need to have intelligence, personality and flexibility.

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Bodyguards get celebrity work through elite security firms, which only hire top individuals from the highest ranks of law enforcement or military service. Individuals with backgrounds in the Navy Seals, the U.S. Army Delta Force or other special operations are particularly desirable. There is no entry-level work for celebrity bodyguards; applicants must possess proper qualifications to even be considered for the job. Even qualified applicants often wait months or years to get interviews at the most prestigious security firms.

In addition to experience, celebrity bodyguards also need insight and intelligence. They need to be able to assess their environment, identify potential threats, and quickly deal with those threats. Celebrity bodyguards also need to have strength of character and composure. Their job involves standing up to unsavory types such as paparazzi, psychotic fans and even stalkers. Celebrity bodyguards must handle these situations with professional finesse. Bodyguards also need to be prepared for extreme unpredictability in their work and schedule. The nature of their job means they often work for as long as a celebrity is awake or active. Bodyguards may work a 12-hour shift, or may just accompany a celebrity on a brief outing.

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