How Do You Become a Cat Breeder?


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It is possible to become a cat breeder by apprenticing with an experienced breeder, saving enough money, allotting enough time, and emotionally preparing yourself for inevitable tragedies. Before becoming a breeder, it is important to realize that the hobby is expensive, with minimal returns and a minimal chance of profits.

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Decide which kind of cat to specialize in breeding. Next, find an experienced breeder of that type of cat who is willing to mentor you. This is helpful in not only teaching you the tools and methodology of cat breeding, but in procuring access to this person's network of cat breeding contacts. They are also valuable sources of information, and communication encourages them to sell an unaltered cat to you rather than to a relative stranger. Either before or during this mentoring process, research everything about this breed of cat, from personal preferences to bloodlines, gene history and genetic structure.

Before becoming your own breeder, you must have enough money and time set aside. Tasks such as feeding, cleaning and grooming must be performed daily for all cats, which severely limits your ability to travel for extended periods. You must also research and pay for the relevant breeding rights of the cat breed you choose, and have enough money to pay for sudden and costly procedures such as an emergency C-section. You must also be prepared for the loss of cats from surgery, pregnancy complications, and other emotional difficulties associated with cat breeding.

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