How Do You Become a Cartoonist?


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To become a cartoonist, learn and practice drawing and storytelling skills, and learn how to be a business person so you can sell your cartoons more effectively. Create a portfolio showcasing your cartoons to prove to potential employers you have the necessary skills.

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How Do You Become a Cartoonist?
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There are many different styles of cartoons, from hand-drawn black and white to computer-drawn, three dimensional and fully colored. Learning as many different drawing and digital graphic styles as possible increases cartoonists' chances of finding work. Cartoonists can take formal, paid classes to learn different artistic and writing skills or can learn freely and informally through library books and online resources.

Very few cartoonists have syndicated cartoons that provide them with steady work. Most cartoonists work as freelancers, so they need to be flexible and willing to learn and work on different types of cartoons, or even learn illustrating books and writing, to make a living. Networking, persistence and negotiating are essential skills for a successful cartoonist.

Successful cartoonists are often curious about the world, spend time learning and observing every day life, and translate their observations and experiences into poignant and humorous stories in their cartoons. Cartoonists often work for themselves and have deadlines but no supervision. Cartoonists need to have self-discipline and good organizational skills to get projects done by the deadlines.

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