How Do You Become a Butcher?

How Do You Become a Butcher?

A butcher must complete on-the-job training with an experienced butcher to learn proper meat cutting and sanitation practices. This training typically takes one to two years to complete depending on retail store or butchering facility requirements. Butchers may also complete training in food handling and blood borne pathogens.

  1. Gain employment with a local butcher or butchering facility

    Gain employment at a local butcher shop, grocery store or butchering facility to receive on-the-job training. Learn the proper meat cutting techniques for removing bones, trimming fat, creating portions and the correct way to sharpen knives. Learn the health and safety procedures for handling raw meat. Complete training in packaging meat for sale in grocery store meat departments, butcher shops or for transport to retail facilities. Gain experience in sausage making, meat curing and shaping.

  2. Complete food safety training

    Enroll in food safety training offered by local health departments to learn proper food handling procedures. Continue training as necessary to maintain food handling licenses and certification.

  3. Complete advanced training in butchering

    If you plan to be a butcher at a shop that prepares specific meats for religious purposes, complete training in inventory control, ordering and meat storage. Learn how to provide quality customer service by recommending cuts of meat and providing additional knowledge of meat and meat preparation.