How Do You Become a Business Process Analyst?


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Become a business process analyst by obtaining a bachelor's degree in business or computer science, gaining experience in systems development and moving into a junior business analyst position. Additionally, consider obtaining certifications in business analysis or business process analysis.

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There is no official university degree for a business process analyst. However, many companies who use these professionals require at least a bachelor's degree obtained with classes in business processes, leadership, organizational behavior, engineering and computer science studies. These classes are required because analysts use computers to find problems, collect data and create business plans. Business process analysts gain experience by working in the IT field and business management for about seven years before moving into the junior business process analysts position.

Those interested in furthering their career, or landing a job more quickly, can find classes for certificates at various colleges around the country. Another option is to obtain a master's degree in business analysis. Additionally, a business process analysis position is obtainable with graduate-level studies providing advanced knowledge and skills. Once all of the education and experience requirements are met, interested candidates can apply and interview for a position with the current company or find a new one.

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