How Do You Become a Broker for a Trucking Company?


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To become a broker for a trucking company, gain experience working for a transportation company, apply for a truck driver brokerage license, purchase insurance coverage and become a process agent. Once you have obtained a license and are a process agent, approach trucking companies for broker positions, bringing clients and goods to their business.

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Becoming a broker requires knowledge of specific terminology, in-house operations and financial arrangements between a client and the transportation company. Hands-on training in a trucking company, whether entry-level or administrative, prepares you for a basic understanding of operations needed as a broker. With some companies, you may be promoted to a broker position without needing to obtain a license. However, if you hope to work independently or for other companies in the future, obtain a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or the FMCSA.

Fill out the Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority application, or the OP-1. Be prepared to pay a fee to become registered. Once accepted, you receive a motor carrier number, or MC, number. You must file your proof of insurance with the FMCSA to keep your license in good standing. Next, file a BOC-3 form to become a legal representative or process agent for transporting goods.

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