How Do You Become a Broker?

How Do You Become a Broker?

In order to become a stock broker, prospective employees must gain work-related experience and pass the Series 7 and Series 63 exams. Some companies require their employees to have an undergraduate degree in business administration, economics, finance or accounting, according to

There are a few steps required to become a stock broker. Usually, a college degree is the first step, according to Learn How to Become.

  1. Go to college
  2. Although a college degree is not always required, it provides a good foundation on which to build a career. Any business-related degree will be helpful in obtaining a good job.

  3. Gain experience
  4. Anyone who wants to become a stockbroker must take and pass the required exams, and the only way to do that is to become sponsored by a broker. Most internships are non-paying, but the experience they provide is invaluable.

  5. Pass the exams
  6. In order to become a stockbroker in the United States, a license must be obtained. Each state has different licensing requirements, but in most states, applicants must pass the 6-hour long Series 7 exam and the shorter Series 63 exam. Applicants should check with their state to find out any other exam requirements.

  7. Apply for jobs
  8. Once an applicant has received the proper licenses, he can begin applying for jobs with brokerage firms. There are several types of brokerage firms in the United States, each employing different types of brokers with their own set of unique strengths.